Select a Veiled Note product, and enter of the details of who you want to surprise.

Upload a message - you can use any combination of videos, photos and text to create your perfect message. 

Image by Kristina Tripkovic


A personalised Veiled Note puzzle pack will be shipped to the recipient.

They'll receive a welcome letter and the puzzle pack, however your identity will not be revealed at this stage. 

Image by Sigmund


Your chosen recipient will complete the puzzles, and the answers will give them access to their message from the vault. 

When the message has been unlocked, you'll receive an email to let you know it's been viewed.

  • Select a Veiled Note puzzle set.

  • Input your details and also the recipient's details during the order process. You will be asked for the following:

First Name of Recipient

This is the name you want printed on the welcome letter inside the puzzle pack. This will be the person/s that you want to complete The Veiled Note and who the message you have left is intended for.

Shipping Full Name

This is the name that will be on the shipping envelope label.

Shipping Address

This is the address for the shipping envelope label and where The Veiled Note puzzle pack will be delivered.

  • Upload your message using any combination of videos, photos and/or text.

  • Decide whether you want to add a 'Do Not Open Before' date. If you do, it will be written on the envelope, and even if the recipient decides to complete the puzzles early, their message won't unlock until the date that's been selected by the sender (selectable feature).

  • We’ll put together the personalised Veiled Note puzzle pack and pop it in the post for the intended recipient - Free 1st Class delivery on all UK orders. 

  • The recipient will receive The Veiled Note. It will include a welcome letter telling them that someone they know has a message for them, but for it to be unveiled they’ll first have to solve the puzzles within the pack.

  • There will be plenty of clues made available to the recipient so they will always have a helping hand if required. 

  • The recipient can access their message online (access to the Internet required) using their unique ID and the answers determined from solving the puzzles.  

  • Once they have unveiled their message, the sender will receive an email to let them know it's been unlocked. This information will also be visible from the 'My Account' area.